Thaelavan, the Hell Shark

In response to Uncle Bear’s”Dire Shark Week” currently taking place, I decided to up the ante a bit and go with something a little more dire than “dire” (not to mention, this is not poetry, as he was looking for on the first day, but hey, I’m no poet). I should first say that the entirety of Thaelavan, the Hell Shark, was inspired by the artwork below, originally found on the WotC Art boards. I do not know the name of the original artist, but his original name for the piece was “hell-squid-shark,” and he also had several other pieces that I have on my computer called, “Hellish_Aspect_of_Sekolah,” “Hellish_Hord_of_Sekolah,” and “Hellish_Deep_Cursed,” (he had a fascination with “hellish”) all of which were drawn in a similar style. If anyone knows this artist’s name, or his web site, I would like to place a link to it, because he does quite fantastic work. With that aside, I would like to present to you:

Thaelavan, the Hell Shark

Thaelavan is one of the duragni in Memory Fading, a group of creatures who were brought into the world of Ord eons ago by powerful sorcerers, but could never be controlled. Alongside Thaelavan came the duragni Imetraz, a giant arachnid with claw-like pincers, Cirooz, a giant flying serpent with a hundred human hands, and Beorkul, a castle-sized bear-like monstrosity with eight legs and spider-like mandibles. Of these, only Thaelavan has ever been confronted in any sort of battle. During the White Wars just thirty years ago, Thaelavan was spotted by Khandians in the Sapphire Sea several times destroying ships, and was fought by several Khandian channelers before retreating to its watery depths.

Thaelavan is fully three hundred feet long from the tip of its snout to the extended length of its man-eating tentacles. Each of the tentacles is as large around as a small house, and all flay viciously whenever the behemoth is in battle. Its massive maw can consume small boats in a split second, and its powerful jaws can break battleships in half as though they were kindling. During one of the battles in the White Wars, the creature was literally seen jumping from the water to capture a massive boat in its mouth, and taking the entire ship down beneath the sea with it, causing a surge of water that capsized four other ships.

None know the intelligence or true origin of the beast, but Khandians were able to figure out what caused the beast enough pain to retreat – intense heat. Fireballs thrown by the wizards did some damage, but it was when the combined might of nine channelers were able to harness a beam of concentrated energy from the sun that the beast, blistering and roaring with rage, swam beneath the depths and did not arise again during the war. Scholars are certain the creature is not dead, and will rise again someday. In fact, an entire Hithan ship went missing last year, and the blame is being put at Thaelavan’s mouth.


4 thoughts on “Thaelavan, the Hell Shark

  1. I am very interested in this little critter. The idea of certain colossal beasts from an unspeakable past is certainly appealing (brings back memories of Lovecraft.)

    Although specially fiendish was your reference to Memory Fading… everything so far had gotten my interest and this looked like the repository of all the previous coolness. It looked like a link, it behaved on:hover like a link… alas, it was just text.

    So now you have a sort of moral debt with your readers (that is, those who don’t know what you’re talking about.) I’m eagerly awaiting a link :D


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