On Being Internetless, and Future Turtle Issues

While out of town for a week for a cousin’s wedding (who didn’t have internet), I’ve been thinking of a few different options I want to focus on. I personally am mostly interested in writing articles here that focus on the various elements of designing campaign settings and worlds. I do want to also help showcase other peoples’ homebrew campaign settings, but I’m going to need a bit of help from the community at large, namely in the suggestions of good settings which I should Showcase. I would love some suggestions on this, as well as if anyone has specific ideas as to what sorts of elements I could work on in the near future that relate to campaign building. I have a full series in the works on fantasy ecologies, and am starting work on a series on fantasy governments as well. If there are any suggestions, I am very open to them. Other than that, this post was mainly to let any of you who were curious know why I was gone for over a week! :)


7 thoughts on “On Being Internetless, and Future Turtle Issues

  1. If you do Sci-fi/fantasy stuff, there is an awesome Firefly/D20 future game assembled over at http://www.elysiumnebula.com . The creator has been playing a PbP game that I was following up until recently that has been runninf for about 3 or 4 years now.

    One of the cooler homebrew settings I have run across.

    Also the Coreline campaign world. Both are hosted on the wizards/gleemax boards. I use them as examples of what to do next whenever I find myself lacking in inspiration :)

    I have you on my daily read list for a reason, you are a good read. Go in whatever direction you must, mine’s circles.

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m glad I have some people who like to see what I have to say! Strokes the ego or something like that, I’m sure! :)

    @Nomadic – I’ll probably pass on JS for awhile, even though it’s one of my favorites. I think I should focus on some lesser-known settings first. But it’s definitely on my list to do “eventually.”

  3. The fantasy government articles will be very helpful (will be read in a little bit). I would also like to see some articles on how to create believable cultures. That is one of the issues I having with Marit. And how those culture tie together to create a world wide history. You asked! ;)

  4. I have two posts already somewhere on some of the things I used to bring the culture out in my sydhi race, but I have more plans for them. I’m finding, though, that my writing is a bit slower now than when I first started, so it may be at least a little while before I get to those.
    Thanks for reading, Ravenspath!

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